In Solchem Nature S.L.U. we have always focused on ensuring the quality of products and services according to a strict quality policy.

Calidad Solchem

Since 2000, we have worked under ISO 9001 directives which ensure our clients a high level of service, trust and reliability. All our suppliers have to comply with the standardization's requirements.

Our staff, thanks to its professional competence and flexibility, offers the clients a personalized service, monitoring and cooperating with its technical and commercial resources for every project.

One of our main challenge is to find innovative products with nutritional and nutraceutical supplement's functions proven by scientific studies, able to ensure the product's quality and its effectiveness.

Our quality control ensures that each product's batch is accompanied by the corresponding analysis certificate which provides all information about quality, purity and concentration.

According to our requirements in terms of quality, our air-conditioned storehouses ensure a secure and controlled storage of up to 1000 pallets of products.

Our warehouse is located in Olesa de Montserrat, 30 km away from Barcelona, a strategic position that allows a rapid domestic and international delivery service.

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Our commitment is offer the best quality with the best service to the satisfaction of our customers.